Multidimensional Thinking

Beverage markets across Asia are changing. As Chinese consumers load beverage cartons purchased at supermarkets into cars and later into larger refrigerators for the first time…as hypermarkets pop up in South Korea…and non-carbonated drink plants are built in Vietnam…

What does this mean for packaging?

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Packaging Matters

54% of consumers in China have tried something new because the packaging caught their eye.

Amplify™ Your Experience

Premium isn't a price point. It's an experience. Here's how.

An Entrée to a More Authentic Experience

SmartFare™ stays sturdy and cool to the touch from the oven to the table for easier serving and dining. Discover how...

Complex challenge, simple solution.

MWV is partnering with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve medication adherence for HIV/AIDS in Africa. Learn more.

The Science of Crunch

We simulate today's complex supply chain in our labs to make sure packaging stands up to the challenge.