MWV and RockTenn have come together to form WestRock.

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Delivering unparalleled packaging solutions together

Introducing WestRock, a team focused on customer success as we bring together the strengths of RockTenn and MWV.

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Ideas in action

MWV is proud to be a part of the U.S. manufacturing industry, which performs more than 3/4s of all private-sector R&D in the nation.

Barrier to Entry

Introducing EnShield™ kit 5, a lightweight paperboard for packaging foods that require resistance to oil and grease.

FlexFit™ for a Better Experience

An innovatve one-piece, flip top pouch fitment for a clean, mess-free experience every time. Discover how...

Through the Mirror

Explore a close-up look at how global skincare rituals can inspire packaging and improve the skincare experience.

Packaging In Your Life

For all the moments in your life – big or small – packaging plays a role. It matters more than you may have thought.