Raising the Bar

Packaging plays a major role in product satisfaction for Indian consumers across every product category. As the manufacturing economy takes center stage and agricultural and consumer product markets evolve in the world's 5th largest retail market, packaging matters for growth in India.

Packaging economic growth in India

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Packaging Matters

To 71% of consumers in India, packaging is almost as important as brand in influencing product satisfaction.

Amplify™ Your Experience

Premium isn't a price point. It's an experience. Here's how.

An Entrée to a More Authentic Experience

SmartFare™ stays sturdy and cool to the touch from the oven to the table for easier serving and dining. Discover how...

Complex challenge, simple solution.

MWV is partnering with The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to improve medication adherence for HIV/AIDS in Africa. Learn more.

The Science of Crunch

We simulate today's complex supply chain in our labs to make sure packaging stands up to the challenge.