What's Possible

What if packaging could open and close itself? What can packaging technology emulate from nature? And what if packaging could solve a major business challenge like product safety?

We think deeply about the science of packaging and how it can solve big challenges for our customers.

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Packaging Matters

81% of consumers say freshness is very important but only 62% think packaging delivers.

Amplify™ Your Experience

Premium isn't a price point. It's an experience. Here's how.

An Entrée to a More Authentic Experience

SmartFare™ stays sturdy and cool to the touch from the oven to the table for easier serving and dining. Discover how...

MWV Reports Strong 3Q Growth

Margin expansion driven by strong performance across targeted packaging and specialty chemicals end markets. View the earnings visual.

The Science of Crunch

We simulate today's complex supply chain in our labs to make sure packaging stands up to the challenge.